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Sometimes, an innovative approach is the only solution.
Most other times, an innovative approach is a better solution.

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Innovative Solutions

  • Do you have a problem that you cannot solve?
  • Are you a research group seeking peer-reviewed articles on a particular subject?
  • Are you an inventor seeking prior art searches?
  • Need help understanding a journal article or patent?
  • Are you a writer or director seeking advice about realistic scientific scenarios?
  • Do you want to know how covetics are likely to affect your products?
  • Do you want to start planning for adapting your products to covetics?

If you answered yes...

Then you want

Leovinci Consulting

Our goal is to satisfy your scientific needs. Contact us with your problem or the services requested, the subject matter, and your desired results. (Please do not provide proprietary information with your first communication.) We will determine whether an expert is available who is capable of providing your desired results.

A significant portion of the work at Leovinci Consulting involves intellectual property or proprietary projects. Leovinci Consulting does not disclose clients or projects, unless required to comply with a court order.

Our Services


We provide a variety of science and engineering services:
  • Research services
  • Scientific reviews of books, movies, and other media
  • Review of academic and technical papers
  • Market research reports
We do not provide investigative or testing services.


Research is king in intellectual property. One missed prior art reference deemed material to your patent may render your patent unenforceable. We can assist you with:
  • Prior art research
  • Patent evaluations (scientific, not financial)
  • Infringing product searches
We provide scientific services, not legal services.


Covetics are a new class of materials that
will soon be prevalent in society. Do you know…

  • how covetics will affect your products?
  • what happens if your competitor obtains an exclusive license to covetics?
  • what sort of improvements might you or your competition expect from covetics?

We provide scientific and engineering services related to covetics, we do not provide licensing rights for the use of

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